One Sandal Endless Possibilities

Those of you who know me know that I prefer high healed shoes. I love those extra few inches they give me. I love how beautiful they are. They make my heart sing. However, there are a pair of flats that have stolen my heart. They aren't only flats, they are sandals. So give yourself a pedicure, ladies. It's time to show some toes! Sseko Sandals are not only adorable, they are made for a good cause! Sseko Sandals use fashion to provide employment and scholarship opportunities to women pursuing their dreams and overcoming poverty. As a woman who highly believes in the importance of education (and the importance of fashion!), I believe these sandals are a must-have!

Fun Fashion Facts about Sseko Sandals:

You get to choose from all kinds of colored straps for you sandals . . . but . . .

You can order other wonderful colored straps to change the look of your sandals . . . and . . .

You can tie your straps SO many different ways! Sseko Designs shows you 13 different ways to tie. They are all amazing. And I will try every one.

Please go to Sseko Designs and hear their mission for yourself. Placing your sandal order will help women in poverty overcome their poverty and provide for their education.Sseko Designs is available through this post, but also through the "For A Good Cause" section of my website. I'm ordering my sandals! Will you order yours too? Let's help make a difference!

Blessings Molly

One Sandal Endless Possibilities