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Praying For Our Kids

It seems like every lesson I study, every podcast I listen to, and every book I read lately emphasizes the importance of prayer. I have felt conviction for some time now that my prayer life was not what it could or should be. I will simply think to  myself, "I'll pray more tomorrow," but tomorrow comes and the cycle continues. I am doing a personal Bible study on Beth Moore's A Woman's Heart, God's Dwelling Place. I just listened to Session 2, CD 3 when she discusses how in Exodus 16 God instructs the Israelites to go get their manna each morning. He supplied their needs each morning, but they had to go get it from Him. This is where I can't hide from this truth any longer: If I do not go get my daily manna from Him, my ministry, my marriage, and my life as a whole will not fulfill all that God has planned. 

So today after I had my morning coffee with God and Beth, I went on a prayer walk. I prayed out loud in each Sunday School classroom that holds children every week. It felt awkward at first, and I'm pretty sure the man who was cleaning the floors probably wondered about the crazy lady talking to herself, but I did it anyway. The more I prayed out loud, the more comfortable it became. I ended in the church Prayer Room where I knelt to pray for my husband, my marriage, my ministry, and specific people God has placed on my heart. 

If we want to see the Lord move in mighty ways, we have to ASK Him to do so. If you are involved in the Children's Ministry at FBC Henderson or anywhere else, I encourage you to come to the classroom where you teach, lay hands on the coat racks that will hold sweet little coats and on the crayons that will be held by the most precious of hands. Pray over these rooms. Pray that God will give each child who comes through the doors the joy of His salvation. 

Blessings from Him to you, 
Mrs. Molly

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